How Much Slope for Walk-Out?

Karen asks: We are considering buying a property that's labeled as "gently rolling". Do we need a builder to look at it in order to tell us if a walk-out basement is possible? How much slope is required? Steve Bliss, of, responds: Assuming an 8 ft. foundation wall, and assuming your foundation projects one foot above grade at the front of the house, you need approximately a 7 ft. change in elevation from the front of the house to the back for a walkout. Much more slope … [Read more...]

Is This Lot Buildable?

Stephanie asks: Who is the right person to answer questions from the Land Buying Checklist? Steve Bliss, of, replies:  Most of the issues raised in the Land  Buying Checklist  are also discussed in Questions to Ask, which suggests where to get answers to questions about vacant land. Questions are broken down by the various types of professionals, businesses, and government agencies whom you can go to for information. While a good home inspector can do a pretty thorough … [Read more...]

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