Metal vs. Plastic Roofing for Carport

Jill asks: What is the best roofing product to use on a carport and pergola? The carport roof covers both, which are part of the same structure. I am aware that there are plastic-coated steel sheets, polyester-coated, zinc, and polycarbonate sheets. It’s a minefield. There are lots of trees overhead, so everything goes green including the roof and patio. I was thinking of maybe going for a dark green-colored roofing product. What do you think? Kindest Regards Steve Bliss, of … [Read more...]

Buckling Asphalt Shingles

Lee Writes: Please tell me what caused the buckling shingles in this photo. It appears to me to be the materials rather than structural. This roof was installed in April 2013 in northern Texas.   The shingles are Tamko 20-year 3-tab.  There is visible warping three years following the installation, as seen in the attached images.  The roofer has recently inspected in the attic, and sees no issues with framing or decking.  He has walked the roof and says it is stable.  The house was … [Read more...]

Best Tile Roofing Underlayment

Irene writes:  Our house in Los Angeles is 25 years old. One roofer recommended removing the composite roofing tiles and replacing the old underlayment with 90-pound paper. Then they will replace the roofing tiles. Another roofer recommended the same approach, but with two layers of 30-pound felt as the underlayment. Please explain the differences between paper and felt and the differences between using the 90-pound paper and the 30-pound felt? Is one better than the other? Steve Bliss, of … [Read more...]

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