Do I Have Carpenter Ants?

Jonathan writes: I have been finding little piles of wood shavings on my backyard deck, along the bottom of the exterior wall of the house (see photo). Does this look like a sign of termites or carpenter ants? Steve Bliss, of, responds: Wood shavings like these are most likely the work of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants excavate wood for nesting, but do not eat wood like termites do. Like termites, carpenter ants are attracted to wood that is wet and softened by wood … [Read more...]

Repairing Termite and Water Damage

T.M. writes : I bought an older home described as “move-in-ready”. It was built in the early 1920's with green lumberyard wood over a crawlspace, and heated with a coal stove. A poured  Michigan basement was added after the fact.  A room with a bath and bedroom was added later with a dirt crawlspace floor. The addition had no insulation and no venting. The soil around the house is mostly clay and the basement leaks. After buying the house, I discovered that termites had eaten much of the … [Read more...]

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