Testing for Well & Septic

Jim writes: Do you need a perc test if there is sewer hookup at the road? Also, is there such a thing as a well test also? Steve Bliss, of BuildingAdvisor.com, responds: There is no need for a perc test if you are tying into a municipal sewer system. There will be a cost to tie in, however, so you might want to check with the town for an estimate of the hookup fees. You may also need to pay for some of the trenching and piping to your house. Unfortunately, there is no similar test for a … [Read more...]

Are Alternative Septic Systems Allowed?

Richard writes: My lot will not accommodate a conventional leach field. What alternatives can you suggest and who would you recommend to design alternative septic systems? Steve Bliss, of BuildingAdvisor.com, responds: What is acceptable in your area after a failed perc test is determined by local building codes and health department regulations, so you should first check with them. A face-to-face meeting is usually the most productive. In my experience, these people are eager to help and … [Read more...]

Best Time of Year for Perc Test?

Cindy writes: When is the best time to have a perc test done? I am supposed to have a perc done next week. There has been snow and unusually cold temperatures lately so I’m not sure this is a good time. I want to move forward with the test so I can submit my building plans to the county and get the permits, which can take several weeks. I really don't want to delay the perc unless it is necessary. Steve Bliss, of BuildingAdvisor.com, responds: A perc test measures the rate at which water is … [Read more...]

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