PREMIUM ESTIMATING & BUDGETING SPREADSHEET® is now offering for just $14.95 with Limited Time Offer  a premium edition of its popular Estimating & Budgeting Spreadsheet – easy to customize for any building project (Regular Price: $19.95). Easily change or add Work Categories and Items, and format or modify as needed – Password Included. Includes Detailed Instructions,  Estimating Checklist, and Estimating Tips & Techniques eBook.  Requires Excel 2003 or later. Tracks & Calculates:

Sample of Estimating Worksheet

CLICK TO ENLARGE                     Estimating Worksheet Sample

• Material and Labor Estimates
• Material and Labor Actual Costs
• Variances Between Estimate and Actual (Job-Costing)
• Amounts Paid and Due to Vendors and Subs
• Percent Completion of Each Work Item

Most builders and remodelers prefer simple spreadsheets over complex and costly estimating software. In addition to estimating, this powerful tool shows where estimates were high or low (Job Costing), the key to accurate estimates. Your purchase is Risk-Free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund the full purchase price, no questions asked.      SSL_Secure_SealFor questions about the Premium Edition,  Read FAQs  or Contact Us.

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