Architect’s Plans Don’t Meet Code

Andrew writes: I hired an architect who drafted plans for a loft in our townhouse. My contractor brought the plans to the city and was denied a building permit because the plans didn't fit the building code. Now the architect is re-doing the plans, and billing me for this cost and for the time required to meet with the building and planning department to sort out the issue. My question is: Should I have to pay the additional printing cost and hourly rate for the architect to figure out the … [Read more...]

Who Owns an Architect’s Plans & CAD Files?

Egbert writes: I have paid an architect in full ($7,000) for plans to an addition that measures 18x30 ft. The plan was declined by the zoning board, which later approved a revised plan for a smaller addition of 18x20 ft. When I asked him for the CAD files, the architect refused to give them to me. Kindly advise whether I have the right to own the CAD files? Also, should I be charged less for the smaller plan? Steve Bliss, of, responds:  The ownership of  architectural … [Read more...]

Finding a Designer to Modify Plans

Terry writes:  I have talked to many contractors and they mention that a home designer or adviser is able to work on layouts, provide plans, and file permits for the customer at less cost than architects. Do you know of any in the Dallas area I can contact? For the most part I'm trying to find an organization that offers these options. I have already picked a plan that I want to modify, but mostly I want a designer to present ideas and options for integrating the landscape with the house design … [Read more...]

Who Pays for Architect’s Mistake?

Barbara asks: We had to build a new basement under our home and hired an architect to develop  plans. The job included enlarging our downstairs bedroom and adding a garage off the bedroom.  The former back entrance was a split-level  (you either walked  up 5 stairs to the main floor, or down 7 stairs to the basement). The exposed foundation wall at the entrance was about 2-1/2 ft. high. In building the new foundation, we raised the basement ceiling and added a number of windows. Everything was … [Read more...]

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