Testing for Well & Septic

Jim writes: Do you need a perc test if there is sewer hookup at the road? Also, is there such a thing as a well test also? Steve Bliss, of BuildingAdvisor.com, responds: There is no need for a perc test if you are tying into a municipal sewer system. There will be a cost to tie in, however, so you might want to check with the town for an estimate of the hookup fees. You may also need to pay for some of the trenching and piping to your house. Unfortunately, there is no similar test for a … [Read more...]

Treatments for Acidic Water

Daryl writes: I purchased a vacation home last year and noticed blue stains in the shower and bathroom sink.  Is this due to acidic water and is it detrimental to a person’s health? Can you drink acidic water? Steve Bliss, of BuildingAdvisor.com, responds: Your problem is most likely acidic water. A water test, which you can arrange with your town’s health department for a modest fee, can confirm this. Acidic water is generally not a health problem. Well water generally ranges from a pH of … [Read more...]

Best Treatments for Hard Water

Denise writes: We built a home in rural Oklahoma in 1996. Since we moved in, white sediment and white scale in our well water have forced us to frequently change elements in our electric hot water heater. The water also leaves white stains and sediment build-up on my dark green whirlpool tub and tends to clog the jets. One year we bought an above-ground pool and took a sample of my well water to the pool store. They told me I didn't have hard water, but I had an extremely high level of … [Read more...]

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