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I founded BuildingAdvisor.com® to help homeowners design, plan and execute building and remodeling projects. Our mission is to help you develop the design that’s just right for you, and then to get it built right. You’ll find practical advice here whether you plan to hire a contractor, be your own contractor, or even swing a hammer.  We want you get the best project you can for the least money — with the smallest risk and fewest headaches!  We focus on:

  • Finding the perfect lot, assessing the hidden costs,  and negotiating for the best price.
  • What to do yourself,  what to hire out — and how to build and manage an effective team.
  • How good planning can save you thousands of dollars and minimize your risk.
  • How to develop the design that’s just right for you —  attractive,  functional, and affordable.
  • How to select materials that provide years of good performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Building techniques that optimize year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and a healthy indoor environment.
  • Creating spaces that are  affordable to build and easy to maintain.
  • All for the least money, lowest risk, and fewest headaches.

Best Practices IMAGE1I have over 40 years of construction experience as a design/build contractor,  building energy consultant, and construction writer. I am the author of
Best Practices Guide To Residential Construction
and numerous articles on residential design and construction, and was editorial director of The Journal of Light Construction for 16 years.

I’ve been on both sides of  nearly every type of residential building and remodeling project – as owner, owner-builder, design-build contractor, and general contractor.  I’ve also bought and sold undeveloped and developed land, and bought and sold over a dozen residential properties,  most of which I remodeled while living there. Other building professionals I’ve worked with over the years will also bring their perspectives to the site, and we hope readers will too.

I believe that you learn the most about construction (and every other job) on the job – especially the ones that didn’t go so well. In that case, construction projects are usually great learning experiences because there’s so many opportunities to mess things up. Since I’ve made so many mistakes over the years, I guess I should know it all by now. Of course, you never can know it all, but the more knowledge you bring to the table in a project the better. While this website cannot substitute for years of swinging a hammer and hours spent waiting for the subs to show up, it can help you steer clear of many common pitfalls, and help you make good decisions throughout the project. And, boy, will you be making decisions!   

Steve Bliss

Founding Editor, BuildingAdvisor.com®

Please note: BuildindAdvisor.com is a US-based website. While much of the information is relevant in other countries, information about building codes, government regulations, and building costs may not apply to your location.



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